Displayed publicly for passersby to enjoy, following the trail of street art in Nicosia leads to a unique a exploration of the Old Town.

The street art scene is relatively fresh in Cyprus and has spread mainly across the old walled town of Nicosia. Carrying cultural and socio-political messages, the street art here will give any curious traveler an insight into the country’s culture, while also showcasing the city’s edgier side.

If you want to see Nicosia beyond its main attractions, hunt down these pieces for an insight into the local underground art scene and hidden streets of the city.

The artworks

Artist: Paparazzi

Just before entering the Old Town, on Stasinou Street, is this large piece which brings to life the tall white buildings that surround it. Though nearby streets have been filled with roadworks, this wall art brings more colour into the area and sets the mood for discovering Nicosia through its street art.

street art old nicosia

Street artist Paparazzi’s large wall mural colourfully enriches Stasinou Street | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Paparazzi

Life in the Old Town is vibrant, with markets, shops and cafes filling every corner. Discover some of the local faces of the walled town via this large two-wall art piece, and perhaps try to see if you can spot some of them in the area. You can find the painting just off Onasagorou Street in one of the little alleys (Pithonos Street) rich in cafes, where you can have a drink with Nicosia’s characters on display.

old nicosia street art paparazzi

The faces of downtown Nicosia | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Unknown

Nicosia is all about the details: the crunch of cheese pie, the swirl of cream in a coffee, and the flashes of inspired art. This framed piece of street art is easily overlooked as it’s tucked away in an alley between Aishilou and Trikoupi Street. Once there, you’ll discover a quirky cafe/bar serving refreshing lemonades and afternoon drinks.


Artistic details are found along Nicosia’s streets, turning it into an open air gallery | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: SYD

This artwork is one of the older pieces found in the Old Town, and one to have been painted over numerous times due to its social and political message. Found at Vasiliou Voulgaroktonou Street, right on the Green Line, ‘Break down the wall’ refers to the division line that’s been separating the island since 1974. The constant re-birth of this piece is said to reflect society’s frustration with living in two half communities, and the unease with the situation. The wall is constantly being updated with new pieces, so each visit brings something new.

street art old nicosia

This piece of street art reflects its social context | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Astraki

This beautiful project by a female street artist is displayed on Trikoupi and Areos Streets, and acts as a real life map should you lose yourself in the winding streets of the capital. The neighbourhood is mapped out on a few walls as a means to get to know the town better, for those with heads lifted from screens and eyes wide open. Try to find yourself on the map and see where the roads may lead.

old nicosia street art

Next to a small cafe-bar is street artist Astraki’s piece | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Unknown

The walls of old Nicosia are a distinctive feature and a symbol of the town, found in various forms of art. Made up of eleven bastions, they’re still a popular attraction and source of inspiration. This wall art on Thiseos Street depicts a map of old Nicosia with special embellishments. Take a closer look to distinguish all its different aspects.

nicosia map street art

Outlining the old map of walled Nicosia, this wall mural holds many cultural details | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Twenty Three

Buried at the end of Talou Street along the Green Line sits another big street art piece inviting visitors to dig deeper through the town’s corners. To find it, you have to head towards the craft-worker’s area, pass by an unconventional bar and so experience a real local feel of the region. From there, head to Ermou Street to interact with the few remaining craftsmen of the Old Town and see artists at work.

old nicosia street art

This piece of street art adds interest to the scenery, where barrels identify Nicosia’s Green Line | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Artist: Twenty Three

One of the most intriguing additions to Nicosia’s street art gallery is a project by NGO Urban Gorillas and a local street artist. Perfect for curious minds, the piece is a visual riddle split across two walls of the Green Line, one in the southern part of town (near Thiseos Street) and one in the northern. For a complete image, visitors must travel to both locations in hidden parts of the city, crossing the checkpoints along the Green Line and unraveling more of Nicosia.

baffle zone project nicosia cyprus

Tucked away in a small yard next to a church, is street artist Twenty Three’s work | Eleni Philippou / © Culture Trip

Street art is still an emerging art form in Cyprus, and exploring the town’s street gallery can prove to be a unique way to see the capital and learn about local culture and society. So if you’re looking for an alternative tour of the city through its ins and outs, follow its urban art.

Eleni Philippou

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